Interested in being a Lifeline Responder? Responders are a very important part of the Lifeline network. When ever someone presses his or her Personal Help Button to signal for help, our Response Centre will determine whether your assistance may be needed and call you with the specific instructions.

As a responder, you may be called by our Response Centre to:

  • Respond quickly and go to the subscriber’s home (using a key provided by the subscriber or a hidden key). If you cannot go immediately to check on the subscriber, please inform the Response Centre so that another Responder can be called.
  • Upon arrival, please check on the subscriber then press the RESET button on the Lifeline unit.
  • Then press the red Help button on the right side of the Lifeline unit. The Lifeline Response Centre Representative will speak to you through the Lifeline unit’s speakerphone. You can then report the status of the subscriber and indicate if ambulance, police, or fire assistance is needed.
  • We ask that you remain with the subscriber until the appropriate help has arrived. If the subscriber is taken to hospital, please ensure that the home is locked and that the unit has been reset.

Please contact the Customer Care Department at 1-800-387-1215 to inform them of any changes to your information on file — eg. Home address, work or cell phone number, number of minutes you are away from the subscriber and whether you have a key.