In partnership with Victoria Lifeline, Seniors for Seniors provides our clients and their families with peace of mind.

When you experience an emergency situation, such as an intruder, a fall or medical issue, every second counts. If you are alone, any delay for needed help can jeopardize your safety, independence and recovery. With the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service you are provided with simple, fast access to help – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you need help press your personal help button and tell our Response Centre what kind of help you need – an ambulance or assistance from friends and family. Even if you cannot speak, we will still send help.

If you have pressed your help button accidentally, just tell the Response Centre you are okay when they respond to you through the Lifeline speaker.

It is very important that your personal information, name, address, phone number and your responding contact(s) information is kept up-to-date. Press your personal help button or call the Response Centre at 1-800-361-4529 to keep your information up-dated.

Your personal help button is available on a wristband or as a necklace. Test your service by pressing the personal help button on your birth date. i.e. if November the 10th is your birthday – push your button each month on the 10th. Are you going away for more then two or three days? Just press your personal help button and let the Response Centre know you will be away.

Lockboxes (which contains a spare house key) can be purchased at Seniors for Seniors so that Emergency Personnel do not have to make a forced entry into your home. These Lockboxes are accessible only to emergency personnel.

If you are looking for the security that this program provides or if you have any questions, please call 204-571-2053


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Lifeline Brochure